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Our workshop is maned by Cytech qualified mechanics with years of experience and knowledge of the industry.   

Monday 9:00-5:00pm

Tuesday 9:00-5:00pm

Wednesday 9:00-5:00pm

Thursday 9:00-5:00pm

Friday 9:00-5:00pm

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Bike Servicing Menu

Tune Up Service £35

A full safety check of the bicycle ‘’bicycle MOT’’ where all contact points will be tested and securely attached to the rest of the bicycle. Gears and Brakes will be adjusted by our mechanics giving you peace of mind.  Any simple niggles will be adjusted and a ‘’bike health’’ report will be handed over upon collection, as well as a more efficient, safer bike.

Revamp Service £65

In addition to the tune up; we will re-cable* (Inners FOC!) and setup gears and brakes from scratch, with buttery smooth new cables. Wheels will be trued and hubs adjusted. Includes fitting of all common non –drivetrain consumable parts of the bicycle. External drivetrain will be cleaned and re-lubed and a bike clean given.

Restore Service £90

In addition to the revamp;  fitting of all parts is included,  bottom brackets, headsets, hubs will all be serviced and reassembled using quality grease where possible. Brake bleeding will be performed on hydraulic systems. The bike will be given a deep clean and polish. All contact points will be removed and put back together using a quality assembly compound.

Overhaul Service £140/£160 

A full bicycle strip down, with every last bolt and bracket being removed and restored to the best function possible (often better than when new), all frame threads and surfaces will be re-tapped and faced. The bicycle frame will receive t-cut and polish as well as an internal protective coating being applied. Includes all cables as well as new grips/handlebar tape*.  Excludes suspension & dropper servicing. £160 full suspension price.
Suspension Servicing
Routine servicing is available in house on a range of suspension units, the majority of interval servicing can be undertaken on common makes and models, dust wiper seals, foam rings, bottom out tokens, air shafts, travel spacers and new dampers can all be    installed in-house. Suspension will be reassembled using the best suspension grease and oils to give you the plushest ride possible. Enquire for prices.