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0113 8244717

Opening Hours


Tue   9:00am - 5:00pm

Wed  9:00am - 5:00pm

Thu   9:00am - 5:00pm

Fri     9:00am - 5:00pm

Sat    9:00am - 5:00pm

Sun   9:00am - 5:00pm

Our workshop is maned by fully qualified mechanics with years of experience and knowledge of the industry. We service and repair any bike from BMX's, MTB's and road bikes to full suspension bikes. In addition we now service E-Bikes using our diagnostic equipment for Bosch and Shimano motors. We also service forks and shocks using our specialist services. If you have any repair or servicing queries then call our workshop on 0113 2772413.


Bronze Service £45

Your bike will receive a complimentary health check plus:

  • Bike washed & dried.

  • FREE health check carried out.

  • Gears and brakes checked and adjusted.

  • All bolts checked and adjusted as required.

  • Chain checked for wear and lubricated.

  • Tyres checked for pressure & condition.

  • A full overview of the bikes current condition.

Silver Service £80

Your bike will receive the Bronze service plus the below additional items:

  • Parts purchased from Leeds Urban Bike Park to be fitted free of charge.

  • Headset bearings removed, degreased and reinstalled using specialist grease.

  • Bottom bracket bearings removed, degreased and reinstalled using specialist grease.

  • Wheels checked for tension & alignment

  • Cables replaced where necessary (cables not included)

Gold Service £150

Your bike will receive the Bronze and Silver service plus:

  • A full bike strip down, everything will be taken apart and re-built with premium assembly grease.

  • Chain cleaned & degreased using the bike specific parts washer.

  • Cassette cleaned & degreased using the bike specific parts washer.

  • Chainring cleaned & degreased using the bike specific parts washer.

  • Hydraulic brakes will be bled.

  • Wheel bearings assessed.

  • Freehub service (where applicable)

Additional Services

Labour charges in addition to the above service packages (parts not included):

  • Full Suspension bearing removal/re-installation - £50

  • Shimano E-Bike software update - £15

  • Gear Index - £15

  • Brake adjustment - £15

  • Brake Bleed - £20

  • Dropper post cable replaced - £15

  • Dropper post bleed - £20

  • Tubeless Conversion - £60 (including valves, tape & sealant)

  • Lower fork leg service - £50

  • Wheel build - £45 per wheel

  • Brake pads removed & replaced - £5 per brake (when pads purchased from LUBP)

  • Innertube replacement - £7.50 per wheel

  • Minimum service charge - £5

Suspension Servicing From £80
Servicing is available in house on a range of suspension units, the majority of interval servicing can be undertaken on common makes and models, dust wiper seals, foam rings, bottom out tokens, air shafts, travel spacers and new dampers can all be installed in-house. Suspension will be reassembled using the best suspension grease and oils to give you the plushest ride possible. Enquire for prices.
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