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Safety is our priority here at Leeds Urban Bike Park, this is why we advise everyone to wear full safety equipment before riding the trails or BMX tracks. This will minimise your chance of getting injured from a fall and maximise your enjoyment so you can keep coming back time and time again. 

Take time to check your bike, to make sure everything is in good working order before tackling the trail. Being confident that your bike is fit to ride will give you more confidence on the trail and allow you to hit the trail hard!

Once on the trail, take it easy to begin with. Take time to check out the trail, making sure you know what's around the corner! This will also allow you time to warm up, so your physically and mentally ready. 

Alternatively watch Trail Smart's series of videos brought to you by British Cycling, to help mountain bikers nail essential skills and head to the trails prepared for an awesome day out.



Although the trails are checked daily, we are unable to guarantee that there will not be any obstructions or debris on the trails, due to the nature of an open woodland facility. 

So, please look ahead checking the trail as you ride.

If you find anything that you feel is a potential hazard, please inform a member of staff.


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